What is " Open Vial Policy " ?

According to UIP (Universal Immunisation Program) Open vial policy 2015 allows reuse of partially used Multi dose vials of applicable vaccines upto 4 weeks if certain conditions are meet.

Opened vials can be used to withdraw a number of doses if they are stored correctly. This reduces the wastage of vaccine.

Open Vial Policy applies only for :

1. DPT

2. TT

3. Hepatitis B

4. Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV)

5. Liquid Pentavalent

6. PCV ( pneumococcal conjugate vaccine )

7. Injectable IPV ( Injectable Polio Vaccine)

Open Vial Policy Does not applies for Measles/MR , BCG , Japanese Encephalitis and Rota Virus.open vials of measles and BCG must be discarded after the end of each immunization session not be kept for more then 6 hours.

Vaccine Vials opened in session site can be used in more then immunization sessions if following conditions are met :

1. The expiry date has not passed.

2. Vaccines are stored under appropriate temperature range both during transportation and storage at cold chain point.

3. Vaccine vial septum has not submerged in water.

4. Aseptic technique has been used to withdraw all doses.

5. Vaccine vial monitor has not reached discard point.

Open vial should not be submerged in water as it increases the risk of contamination.

All Opened vials must be discarded immediately if the aseptic procedures has not been followed or there is any suspicion that the vial in contaminated.

Ensure all open vials have recorded date and time of opening.

All vials should be transported in a zipper bag in the vaccine carrier.

Well sealed conditioned ice pack should be used in vaccine carrier and water should not be allowed to accumulate where vaccine vials and diluents are stored.

This Article is for Information Purpose only (For Students). Confirm With Doctors/Expert before Application.