What is acne ? Home remedies to treat acne or acne vulgaris.

What is acne or acne vulgaris or acne scar ?

Acne is most common skin diseases that affect most of the population of the world

Many studies suggest that lifestyle and diet helps to reduce acne.

Acne meaning in hindi : मुंहासे

Our skin consists of find force for excretion of waste material and sweat removal

Sometime due to infection by bacteria the pores get blocked and cause acne.

Acne treatment include Many pharmacological drugs like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxidethat helps to reduce infection and reduces acne. but they cannot be used continuously due to side effects like inflammation, allergic reactions etc

Generally it occurs in teenagers as a result of hormonal imbalance and can continue to any age

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Mechanism of acne include

1) Over active sebaceous glands which causes excessive oil production

2) blocked hair follicles

3) clogged pores

These conditions attracts the bacteria that results in infectious condition.

Acne prone skin : Some people are prone to acne due to genetic, hormonal imbalances , lifestyle, inadequate water intake etc

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Here are the home remedies that naturally reduce excessive oil production and inflammation which prevents further acne formation.

1. Clean the face with natural products

2. Make scalp free from dandruff

3. Drink plenty of water

4. Consume fresh fruit juices

5. Eat plenty of fruits and fresh vegetables

6. Practice breathing exercises and workout of the body to improve blood circulation

7. Relax

8. Sleep for 7 to 8 hours

9. Do not consume sugar white flour and fried food items

10. Do not consume much of dairy products

Acne home remedies :

1) Use Apple Cider vinegar :

Apple cider vinegar has ability to fight various types of bacteria.

Make 1:3 combination of Apple Cider vinegar and water and applied on skin using a cotton ball repeat the process after 1 to 2 days

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2) Honey and cinnamon combo :

Honey and cinnamon has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which are two factors that causes acne.

Take one tablespoon of honey half tablespoon of cinnamon and make thick paste. After cleaning the skin apply it repeat the procedure result.

3) Aloevera :

Aloevera is natural antibacterial and have ability to fight against inflammations

It is most commonly used as home remedy the treatment of acne as it is cheap and gives best results. It also smoothens the skin.

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