Tips that helps to fight viral infection/Flu

Viruses are microscopic infectious particles that proliferate in living organism and causes infections.

Viral infection is condition in which body is infected by viruses which may or may not produces symptoms.

Many of population is infected with viruses that resolve itself if your immune system is strong enough.

Corona virus rhino viruses are example that affect lungs and respiratory track causing difficulty in breathing , cough etc

Symptoms that you have viral infection :

1) fever

2) chills

3) fatigue and weakness

4) cough and chest discomfort

5) headache

6) runny nose and redness of eyes

7) swollen lymph nodes and tonsils

8) unexplained weight loss

Like bacterial infection , viral infection cannot be treated by antibiotics. However most common viral infections like flu and cold are self limiting and its duration depend upon host immune power.

If not treated viral infection leads to complications such as bronchitis , cervical cancer , otitis media , pneumonia , seizure , shock and come etc

Tips to manage/prevent Viral Infection :

1) Stay hydrated :

Take plenty of water

Do not let your body to get dehydrated. Yellowish urine is sigh that your body is dehydrated. Especially in winter which is most common season for flu or viral infection.

2) Avoid contact of your hands with your eyes, nose and mouth, which can transmit a virus into the body.

3) Avoid direct contact with a person who has a viral disease.

4) cover your mouth while coughing and sneezing.

5) use Hand wash , Sanitizers and disinfectants at home or work place.

6) Use Mask in public Places or crowded areas especially in pandemics.

7) if you had contact with person with viral infection wash your hands with soap for atleast 15 seconds.

8) get Vaccinated

9) Take Probiotics :

Probiotics are the good live bacteria present in fermented food products such as yogurt.

Eating these foods promotes the natural balance of healthy bacteria important for digestive health.

It can stimulate the production of immune fighting chemicals from cells found in the gut.

10) Eat Healthy foods :

Many foods are helpful in fighting flu like Chicken soup that keeps your body hydrated and provides nutrients like iron, zinc etc

Use garlic,one study suggest that using garlic in flu can boost your immunity.

Vitamin c containing fruits like oranges also helps to enhance power against infections.

Leafy green like spinach , kale are nutrient dense vegetables that provides vitamins and minerals to the body.

Some studies suggest that apple cider vinegar have antiviral properties of apples and the presence of probiotics that occur during the fermentation process.

11) Do not smoke and avoid the use of alcohol

12) take some Immune boosting supplements like Zinc , multi vitamins Etc by consulting your doctor