Liposuction Cost in India

What is liposuction ?

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure in which unwanted subcutaneous fat is sucked through cannula.

At present most of the population in world is suffering from obesity which is responsible for other harmful disease like diabetes and atherosclerosis.liposuction is one of the option for getting rid of unwanted fat.

Mostly fat is removed from Chest, belly, hips, thighs, axilla and face.

Which Doctor perform Liposuction ?

Specialized plastic surgeons perform liposuction in India. some of the general surgeons also perform this but as it is cosmetic surgery you must choose best surgeon for you.

How it differs from other surgeries ?

Liposuction is a simple procedure. patients is discharged from hospital on same day of are advised for some blood tests before it. do not eat before 12 hours of procedure.

it is generally done under general anesthesia but for some cases local anesthesia is used where low quantity of fat is present.

A small incision is given in skin through which fluid is inserted which causes multiple breakdown of fat.after 10-15 minutes fat is sucked through cannula and is collected in container through pipes.

Cost of liposuction in India :

liposuction cost in Government Hospitals :

This procedure is limited to some of the Govt hospitals as it is performed in hospitals where plastic surgery department is present.

AIIMS, Maolana aazad and safdarang hospitals of delhi provides these surgeries but que is very long and you may need to wait for 6-8 months.

it is also don in KEM and J.J hospitals of Mumbai.

You can check the hospital website for plastic surgery department for confirmation.

go to the plastic surgery OPD , get checked and fix your surgery date.

As it is free in Govt hospitals you can get done this in lowest cost 5-10 thousands rupees (for blood tests and pressure garments).

liposuction cost in Private Hospitals :

As it fall under the category of cosmetic surgery there is tax on this in India. so it is somewhat costly then other surgeries.

On an average it ranges between 20,000 to 300,000 Indian rupees depending upon amount of fat to be removed from body. well experienced doctors charge more as they provide best results. the cost include all charges like consultation charge, blood tests and xrays, pressure garments etc

The cost of surgery may vary from city to city and on different techniques.