Home remedies to prevent Acidity (Acid Reflux)

What is acidity?

Acidity or acid reflux is most common condition around the world. It is characterized by heart burn , abdominal pain, vomiting etc

Normally the food we intake passes through esophagus (food pipe) into stomach. When food enters the stomach the mechanism is activated and there is secretion of acid from stomach wall.

By the action of acid food is Broken down into small particles and then moves to next part called small intestine.

In small intestine the atmosphere is alkaline so the acidic food get neutralized and absorbed.

In some conditions like eating excess food, spicy foods, high intake of salt etc there is excessive production of acid causing acidity. And when acid moves into esophagus it causes acid reflux diseases.

What are Causes of Acidity?

1) Over eating

2) Eating before going to sleep

3) Excessive consumption of tea , coffee and carbonated drinks

4) Spicy food

5) Certain medications like Antibiotics, hypertension drugs, Pain killers especially NSAIDS

6) Stress

7) Excess alcohol consumption

8) Frequent smoking

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What are Symptoms of Acidity?

1) Heart burn

2) Abdominal discomfort

3) Abdominal pain

4) Burning sensation in chest and abdomen

5) Soar taste in mouth

6) Indigestion

7) Constipation

8) Restlessness

Here we will discuss the home remedies to prevent acidity without medication

Home remedies to prevent acidity :

1) Saunf or Fennel :

Nutritionist recommend the daily uses of fennel commonly called as saunf to prevent acidity.

Because of oil found in it , fennel have benefits in gastro intestinal diseases. It relieves the symptoms of heart burn and improves the digestion.

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2) Cloves :

Cloves has many benefits and is used as medicine for treating gastric diseases in Ayurveda.

It prevents the formation of gas in GIT. Take 2-3 cloves to prevent symptoms like gastric irritation, acidity etc

3) Cinnamon :

Cinnamon have variety of health benefits specially in gastro intestinal problems.

It act as natural antacid and aids in digestion and absorption.

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4) Banana :

Banana help to neutralize the excessive acid produced in stomach. Banana with milk is best to neutralize the acidic condition of stomach.

5) Papaya :

Papaya is packed with variety of nutrients like vitamin, minerals, and enzymes like papain. The enzyme helps to reduce acid production and relives symptoms.

6) Ajwain :

It acts as an anti-acidic agent and relief from acidity and gases production.

7) Watermelon Juice :

Various studies says the a glass of watermelon juices helps to reduce acidity and improves the symptoms.

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8) Coconut water :

Having a glass of coconut water daily improves the conditions as it contains fiber which smoothen the track.

9) Turmeric :

Turmeric have variety of benefits like anti inflammatory properties and antacid action. Add it to your diet and you will see the amazing health benefits of it.

10) Take plenty of water :

Don’t get dehydrated. Taking enough water is necessary to detox the toxic metabolic products and also to neutralize the gastric acidity.

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