Hair Care : Diet and tips to prevent hair Loss

There isn't a poem describing a women's beauty that doesn't mention her long hairs. Hair and attractiveness have been synonymous from time immemorial.

For both male and female hair is a marker of beauty and good looks.

Most of the population are conscious about their falling hairs. The market is filled with a variety of beauty products but the fact is that a little care from the very beginning.

The natural ways are better to prevent hair fall then using medications that also have side effects.

What is hair made of?

Keratin is a protein which is present in human hair, skin, teeth and nails.

The hair grows from the skin and basal part of hair is called root of hair & is present inside the hair follicles.

Hair follicles are supplied by blood vessel and requires nutrition for growth of hair.

Food rich in amino acid which is required for keratin synthesis and various vitamins helps in growth of hairs.

Various factors like DHT ( dihydrotestosterone ) and infections promote hair falls.

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How to Prevent Hair Loss ?

A Balanced diet :

Various nutrients are required for growth of hairs which includes

Biotin also called as vitamin H. It is a B complex vitamin which helps in hair growth.

Vitamin D stimulate the hair follicles.

Vitamin E , It act as an antioxidant which reduce the oxidative stress in scalp.

Iron deficiency is also associated with hair loss.

Omega 3 fatty acids has anti-inflammatory effect also reduce the hair loss.

1) Fatty fishes :

Fishes like Salman and mackerel are great source of omega 3 fatty acid.

It act as antioxidant which reduce hair loss, promote hair growth and increase the hair density.

It is also good source of vitamin B complex vitamin D, proteins and have variety of other benefits.

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2 Almond butter :

Almonds consists of protein and various vitamins that are linked to hair health.

It also contain vitamins, which are good for thickening of hairs.

Various studies suggested that taking vitamin E supplement increase the hair growth.

3) Spinach :

Spinach is packed with variety of nutrients and minerals.

It is cheapest source of vitamins and minerals and is best for vegetarians. Include it in salad for daily use.

These are rich in vitamin D , which is linked with hair health.

4) Eggs :

Eggs are excellent source of protein and biotin.

Biotin essential for production of hair protein called as keratin.

These are also source of zinc, selenium and other variety of nutrients which are responsible for hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Eggs are cheapest source of protein for non vegetarian.

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5) Carrots :

Carrots are great source of vitamin A which are required for eyes and nourishment of scalp. Use carrots with food as a salad and enjoy its benefits.

6) Walnuts :

Like other nuts walnuts are also packed with vitamin B complex, iron, zinc and fatty acids. Also minerals present in it helps to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

7) Oyster :

Oyster are rich source of zinc, the mineral that helps thin hair growth and it's repair cycle.

Lack of zinc in diet may promote hair loss.

So the use of zinc naturally or in the form of supplements can reverse the hair loss caused by zinc deficiency.

Do not smoke

Normal blood circulation keep hair follicles alive. Smoking causes drop in blood circulation which leads to increased rate of hair fall.

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Do not take stress as hairs are directly affected by nervous tension. Take 7 to 8 hours of sleep. When we are asleep our hairs goes through period repair and regeneration.

Regular hair care

Take care of your hair regularly like oiling, washing, shampooing and conditioning.

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