Diet plan for weight loss : 15 Food items for Weight loss

Most of the population in the world is struggling to loose weight. according to a report 1 in every 3 persons in USA is in category of obese and the number is increasing.

Actually goal of loosing weight can be achieved only when we use proper low carb high protein diet.also the amount of calorie we take must be less then amount of of calorie we burn.

So extensive exercise like cardio,cycling,swimming etc along with proper diet is ultimate solution for loosing weight.

Increased body fat is can leads to various problems like Diabetes,Heart diseases etc

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Why we gain weight?

The Food we take mostly contain Carbohydrate , protein and fat.carbohydrate are energy providing element of body which breaks into glucose (Energy currency of body).protein is building block of body as it is part of muscle.Fat is energy store of body and is primarily responsible for obesity or weight gain.

The sequence in which body utilize these for energy purpose is carbohydrate then fat then protein.

If amount of calorie we take is more then we utilize the excessive carbohydrate get converted into fat and stored in body and responsible for weight gain.

On other hand, if amount of carb we get is less then we utilize then the stored fat get converted to energy and we loose weight.

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Here are the Top 15 best Weight loss friendly food items that contain less calories and more protein content.

1) Egg white :

Eggs are cheapest source of Protein and are nutrient dence.

100 gm of boiled egg consist of 13 gm of protein approximately.

Getting 2 eggs daily in breakfast is recommended as it gives 26 gm of protein and also gives feeling of fullness.

If you are consuming whole egg donot take more then 2 eggs as egg yolk contain some fat too.

2) Peanut butter :

Peanut butter is also rich source of protein and can be used daily in breakfast.check content before buying.

3) Green Leafy vegetables :

Spinach,kale,collard have low glycemic index are are loaded with fibers. Leafy greens are very nutritious and very high in many vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, including calcium, which has been shown to aid fat burning in some studies.

4) salmon :

Salmon is most nutritious Fatty fish which is loaded with protein,vitamins,minerals and good fat.

It is best source of essential omega-3 fatty acid which helps in weight loss and reducing the risk of heart diseases.

Also is have vitamins of B complex,potassium ,selenium antioxidents like astaxanthin.

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5) chicken breast :

Chicken and eggs are most commonly used source of protein worldwide as it is cheap and easily available.

100 grams of skinless chicken breast contains 31 grams of protein which is very high.

6) tuna :

Like salmon , tuna is also very good source of protein and is very popular among bodybuilders and fitness models. Eat either salmon or tuna once in week is very important in weight loss program.

7) oysters :

Oysters are low in calories and provide protein , choline , iron , copper , zinc and vitamin b12.

8) oats :

Start your day with fiber, iron, protein, vitamin B6, folate , and thiamine for only 150 calories (in half standard cup serving).

9) Sweet potatoes :

Sweet potato will get you fiber, potassium, and a ton of vitamin A for only 100 calories. Boiled sweet potatoes should be included in diet as it have low glycemic index.

10) Almonds/Nuts :

Almonds,peanuts,walnuts and pistachios are strong source of protein.some research suggest that use of almond can decreases the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) and reduces risk of heart diseases.also they are low in carbs.

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11) spinach juice :

Spinach is low calories and is powerhouse of many nutrients like iron, magnesium, folate, vitamin A, and vitamin K.

12) chili pepper :

Chilli pepper is considered beneficial in weight loss.

It consist of capsaicin and some studies suggest that capsaicin reduce appetite and increase fat burning.

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13) lentils :

Lentils are the source of plant based protein and contains 6.5 grams of fiber for each serving.

14) Kale :

Kale is green vegetable that is almost fat free and have low glycemic index.

It contains strong amounts of vitamins A, B6, C, K, calcium, potassium, and magnesium etc

15) olive oil :

Extra virgin olive oil creates the feeling of fullness and are loaded with antioxidants which helps to fight inflammations.

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