Amazing health benefits of Papaya Fruit

Papaya is a healthy tropical fruit which is loaded with nutrients. It is also known as papaws and pawpaws.

Various nutrients present in papaya are helpful in heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, helps in digestion, improve the blood glucose level, effect in lowering blood pressure and improve the wound healing.

India is a largest producer of papaya as report of 2013 but it is native to Central America.

The health benefits of papaya is due to the nutrients present in it. One small papaya of weight 150 grams contains approximately

Carbohydrate 15 grams

Fibre 3 gram

Protein 1 gram

Vitamin A

Vitamin c

Folate or vitamin b9

Potassium and trace amount of calcium magnesium

Trace amount of vitamin b1 b3 b5 vitamin e and vitamin k also present.

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Here are the health benefits of papaya

1) In digestion :

Papaya is loaded with water and fibres that are very helpful in digestion.

It contain enzyme called as papain which breakdown the protein and helps in digestion.

A glass of papaya juice is very beneficial in patients of constipation and digestion related problems.

Water and fibres causes smooth bowel moment.

2) Boost immunity :

The collective effect of nutrients present in papaya helps the body to boost immunity.

Vitamin C which is present in papaya is major contributor in boosting immunity.

In pandemics like coronavirus disease, bird flu etc it is best to keep body healthy by boosting immunity.

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3) In Diabetes :

Papaya is considered as beneficial in patients with diabetes.

According to the the report published by centre of excellence of biomedical and biomaterial research at Mauritius university, green tea and fermented papaya work together for preventing diabetes.

It maintains blood sugar level and cholesterol.

4) It has anticancer properties :

Papaya contain various antioxidants and lycopene which reduce the cancer risk.

The toxic effects of free radical is reduced by antioxidants present in papaya.

Using papaya in diet reduce the chances of breast cancers in womens.

5) Anti-aging properties :

The nutrient in papaya reduces the wrinkles and scars on the face and improve the skin quality.

Vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E is responsible for benefits of papaya for skin.

Vitamin e has antioxidant property which repair the damage caused by free radicals.

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6) Against heart diseases :

Vitamin A vitamin c and vitamin e along with antioxidants reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Oxidation of cholesterol is prevented by antioxidants that reduces the risk of blockage .

Fibres present in papaya also linked with improve heart health.

7) In arthritis :

Papaya is rich in minerals also like potassium calcium magnesium and copper.

Regular consumption of papaya gives enough calcium and antioxidants that improve arthritis.

8) For kidney health :

The potassium present in papaya is linked with kidney health.

It cleans the toxins deposited in kidney and reduce accumulation of uric acid in blood.

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9) Benefits of papaya for hairs :

Vitamin A present in papaya required for sebum production which keep hair moisturized. Also vitamin c helps in collagen synthesis which helps in repair of damaged skin.

10) Benefits of papaya on skin :

For pimples Papaya paste is applied on face for 15 minutes and then washed with water.

Regular use of papaya in diet controls dandruffs, boost shaft strength and increase hair volume.

These are the amazing health benefits of papaya juice or benefits of Papaya extract or benefits of papaya seeds.