6 Household Health Monitoring Devices you should Have

The ultimate goal of every person is to get Healthy life and enough money for living perfect life.

We grew up by hearing slogans like "Health is Wealth" etc so to attend healthy life various factors are important like daily exercise , weight management , yoga , healthy diet , management of various conditions like diabetes etc

Today most of the population of world is suffering from Type 2 diabetes , obesity and heart diseases.so it is absolutely essential to regularly monitor your weight , blood pressure , blood glucose level , oxygen saturation , heart rate , respiratory rate etc

In this blog we give idea of 6 health devices that you can use at home.

1) Weight Machine :

It is must in every house as population of category of obese persons are increasing.most of the population of america are struggling to control their body weight.

According to some report every 1 out of 3 is obese.

Choose proper diet.maintain your weight and get your BMI (body mass index) in normal range.

BMI is indirect measure of body fat based on height and weight and applicable to adult mens and womens more then 20 yrs of age.

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2) blood pressure monitor :

Digital blood pressure monitors are easy to use and must be present if you are suffering from hypertension or hypo-tension. It is advised to check blood pressure regularly and report to your doctor if any fluctuation is found.

Headache , shortening of breath , nose bleed ,chest pain, etc are signs of hypertension.

Blood pressure is force of flowing blood exerted on lateral wall of vessels.

Normal blood pressure is 120/80 mmhg.

3) blood glucose monitors ( glucometers ) :

These are the devices which measures level of glucose present in blood.it is must to keep and daily monitor glucose level for patients of diabetes.

Polyuria , excessive thirst , excessive hunger , rapid weight loss etc are the symptoms of increased blood glucose level.


Less then 100mg/dl NORMAL

100 to 125mg/dl PREDIABETES

126mg/dl and above DIABETES

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4) Pulse oximeters :

These are the devices that measures the proportion of oxygenated haemoglobin in the blood in pulsating vessels, especially the capillaries of the finger or ear.

It also checks heart rate,pulse and is necessary for patients of cardiovascular diseases.

It is also use to check conditions such as infections of lungs in which oxygen content of blood decreases.

5) Thermometers :

These are temperature measuring devices.these are very essential in every home.the normal temperature of human body is in between 97'F to 99'F or 36'C to 37.5'C.

6) Nebulizers :

Nebulizers are electric based machine that turn liquid asthma/cough medicine into a fine mist which is inhaled.it minimizes the systemic side effects of drugs.

Patients suffering from asthma , chronic cough ,chronic bronchitis should have nebulizers at home.

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