5 Amazing Health Benefits of Makhana (Fox nut)

What is Makhana?

Makhana also called as Fox nuts or phool makhana are starchy white edible seeds of lotus comes from plant Euryale fox that grows generally in stagnant water or ponds in east asian countries and in korea , japan and some part of russia also.

Because of its amazing health benefits it is used in many conditions or even as in daily use as snacks,roasted and in various dishes.

It is also used to cure various diseases in Chinese medicine and in ayurveda too.

In India phool makhana has significance in some religious ceremonies like Navratri in which phool makhana is prepared in fasting dish.

Makhana in English : Fox nuts/ Euryale fox

Makhana in marathi : मखाना

Makhana in Hindi : मखाना or Phool Makhana

Nutritional value of Makhana :

100 grams of makhana gives around

347 calories of energy

9.7 grams of proteins

14.5 grams of fibre

Makhanas are a very good source of calcium. They also contain magnesium, potassium and phosphorus in good amount.

Health Benefits Of Makhanas (Fox Nuts) :

1) strengthen you bones :

Makhana are very rich in calcium which is required for normal growth of bone.

2) Improves health health:

They are low in cholesterol, fat and sodium and are rich in potassium that helps in decreasing blood pressure in hypertensive patients.

Also magnesium in makhana helps in heart disease and obesity.

3) Part of weight loss diet :

Makhanas are rich in protein (about 9 gm protein in 100g) thatswhy is choice as snack in weight loss diet. Also makhanas are low in calories which makes them more healthier.

4) In Diabetes :

Makhanas have low Glycemic index.low carbohydate and sodium content and high magnesium content in makhanas make them the right food to fight obesity and diabetes.

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5) As anti-ageing :

Due to presence of anti ageing enzymes in makhana seeds it pomote the repair of damaged cells and proteins and delays the process of ageing.

Also the presence of flavonoid called kaempoferol helps in preventing inflammation and ageing.

Makhana Food or Recepies :

Makhana seeds can be taken by different ways as snack , roast seeds in little ghee.they are popcorn like and can be tossed with black salt.Makhana kheer , makhana with mushroom are part of indian food.

These roasted makhana or foxnuts can be had with tea or coffee in the evenings. I always spice them up with Indian spices. I still have to try adding other spices or herbs.

makhana price per kg : Makhana price 1kg - 500 to 1000 inr approx. (depends on quality)

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