20 point programme ( 20 point programme 1975 )

What is 20 point programme?

The twenty point programme was launched by prime minister Indira gandhi in 1975 which was restructured in 1982 and again on 1986.

The restructured programme, known as twenty point programme in 2006 and described as agenda for national action to promote social justice and economic growth.

Objectives of 20 point programme are "eradication of powerty, raising productivity, reducing inequalities, removing social and economic disparities and improving the quality of life."

The 20 points of 20-point programme 2006 or 20 point programme guidelines are

1. Poverty eradication

2. Power to people

3. Support to farmers

4. Labour welfare

5. Food security

6. Housing for all

7. Clean drinking water

8. Health for all

9. Education for all

10. Welfare of scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, minorities and OBCs

11. Women welfare

12. Child welfare

13. Youth development

14. Improvement of slums

15. Environment protection and afforestation

16. Social security

17. Rural roads

18. Energization of rural area

19. Development of backward areas

20. IT enabled e-governance