10 Tips to boost your Immune system naturally

Immunity is defined as the defense system body that has ability to recognize self and foreign particles.

When foreign particles like bacteria, viruses , fungi , allergens etc enters body cells of immunity recognize it and activate the defense mechanism of body. It leads to neutralization of infectious particles.

Strong immune system is necessary to get protected from disease causing organisms.

It is said that thousands of bacteria resides in our body or many viruses and bacteria comes in contacts but due to immunity we are not affected. Once our immune system get weak we get infected.

In various diseases like AIDS our immunity falls to almost zero and we get infected by various other infections like tuberculosis, fungal infections etc

In pandemics like Corona virus disease, Avian Influenza or bird flu it is important to boost immune system.

Tips that helps to fight viral infection/Flu

Here are tips how to get strong immune system naturally without any external supplements.

1) Drink Plenty of Water :

Do not let your body to get dehydrated. Yellowish urine is sign that your body is dehydrated. Especially in winter which is most common season for flu or viral infection.

2) Get Enough sleep :

Sleep have strong relation with your Immunity. one study suggest that persons who sleep for less then 6 hours per day are more likely to get affected by cold or flu.

Adult should aim to sleep more then 7 hours daily.

Getting adequate sleep helps to improves your immunity.

3) Exercise regularly :

Exercises , yoga , sports like swimming should be the part of your daily life as it has variety of benefits including boosting your immunity.it also prevents from Diabetes and heart diseases.

4) Stress less :

Stress level is associated with our immunity. Long term stress promotes inflammation and imbalance the immune cell functions. Exercise and yoga are best practices to reduce stress level.

5) Take Probiotics :

Probiotics are the good live bacteria present in fermented food products such as yogurt.

It stimulates the production of immune fighting chemicals from cells found in the gut.

6) Eat well balanced diet :

Many foods are helpful in fighting flu like Chicken soup that keeps your body hydrated and provides nutrients like iron, zinc etc

Use garlic,one study suggest that using garlic in flu can boost your immunity.

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Vitamin c containing fruits like oranges also helps to enhance power against infections.

Leafy green like spinach , kale are nutrient dense vegetables that provides vitamins and minerals to the body.

7) Maintain healthy weight :

Keep your weight in the category of healthy weight. Try to be muscular and maintain BMI.

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8) Do not Smoke

9) Avoid or Limit your alcohol intake

10) take Immune booster supplements

vitamin C , Vitamin , zinc are supposed to increase the immunity.

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