10 Food Items You should avoid if you have Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus commonly known as diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs either when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or when the body cannot effectively use the insulin it produces.

Normally, the pancreas (an organ behind the stomach) releases insulin to help your body store and use the sugar and fat from the food you eat. Diabetes can occur when the pancreas produces very little or no insulin, or when the body does not respond appropriately to insulin.

As a result level of blood glucose increses as its uptake is stopped which can damage other organs like eyes,nerves,kidneys etc

First que diebetic patient ask with doctor is what food to avoid in diabetes or what food to avoid with diabetes

Controlling your diabetes requires a careful balance of lifestyle habits, including eating right, exercising, and taking your proper medication.

Here are the foods that may worsen your diabetes.

1. Sugar-sweetened beverages

Sugary beverages are very high in carbs, these drinks are loaded with fructose, which is strongly linked to insulin resistance and diabetes. Indeed, studies suggest that consuming sugar-sweetened beverages may increase the risk of diabetes-related conditions like fatty liver disease.

What’s more, the high fructose levels in sugary drinks may lead to metabolic changes that promote belly fat and potentially harmful cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

To help control blood sugar levels and prevent disease risk, consume water, unsweetened iced tea instead of sugary beverages.

2. Trans fats

Artificial trans fats are created by adding hydrogen to unsaturated fatty acids to make them more stable.

Trans fats are unsaturated fats that have been chemically altered to increase their stability. They’ve been linked to inflammation, insulin resistance, increased belly fat, and heart disease.

Trans fats are found in margarines, peanut butter, spreads, creamers, and frozen dinners. Furthermore, food manufacturers often add them to crackers, muffins, and other baked goods to help extend a product’s shelf life.

3. White bread, rice, and pasta

White bread, rice, and pasta are high carb, processed foods.

Eating bread, bagels, and other refined-flour foods has been shown to significantly increase blood sugar levels in people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes

This response isn’t exclusive to products made with refined white flour. In one study, gluten-free pastas were also shown to raise blood sugar, with rice-based types having the greatest effect

Another study found that high carb foods not only raised blood sugar but also decreased brain function in people with type 2 diabetes and mental deficits

These processed foods contain little fiber. Fiber helps slow the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream.

Increased fiber consumption also improved gut microbiota, which may have led to improved insulin resistance.

4. Fruit-flavored yogurt

Plain yogurt can be a good option for people with diabetes. However, fruit-flavored varieties are a very different story.

Flavored yogurts are typically made from nonfat or low fat milk and l

oaded with carbs and sugar. Many people consider frozen yogurt to be a healthy alternative to ice cream. However, it can contain just as much or even more sugar than ice cream.

Rather than choosing high sugar yogurts that can spike your blood sugar and insulin, opt for plain, whole milk yogurt that contains no sugar and may be beneficial for your appetite, weight control, and gut health.

5. Sweetened breakfast cereals

Eating cereal can be one of the worst ways to start your day if you have diabetes.

Despite the health claims on their boxes, most cereals are highly processed and contain far more carbs than many people realize.

In addition, they provide very little protein, a nutrient that can help you feel full and satisfied while keeping your blood sugar levels stable during the day.

Even some “healthy” breakfast cereals aren’t good choices for those with diabetes.

6. Flavored coffee drinks

Coffee has been linked to several health benefits, including a reduced risk of diabetes.

However, flavored coffee drinks should be viewed as a liquid dessert rather than a healthy beverage.

Flavored coffee drinks are loaded with carbs.

To keep your blood sugar under control and prevent weight gain, choose plain coffee.

7. Honey

People with diabetes often try to minimize their intake of white table sugar

However, other forms of sugar can also cause blood sugar spikes. These include brown sugar and “natural” sugars such as honey, agave nectar etc

Although these sweeteners aren’t highly processed, they contain at least as many carbs as white sugar. In fact, most contain even more.

Your best strategy is to avoid all forms of sugar and use natural low carb sweeteners instead.

8. Dried fruit

Fruit is a great source of several important vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C and potassium.

When fruit is dried, the process results in a loss of water that leads to even higher concentrations of these nutrients.

Unfortunately, its sugar content becomes more concentrated as well.

If you have diabetes, you don’t have to give up fruit altogether. Sticking to low sugar fruits, such as fresh berries or a small apple, can provide health benefits while keeping your blood sugar in the target range.

9. Packaged snack foods

Packaged snacks are typically highly processed foods made from refined flour, which can quickly raise your blood sugar levels.

They’re typically made with refined flour and provide few nutrients, although they have plenty of fast-digesting carbs that can rapidly raise blood sugar.

If you get hungry in between meals, it’s better to eat nuts or a few low carb vegetables with an ounce of cheese.

10. Fruit juice

Fruit juice is often considered a healthy beverage, its effects on blood sugar are similar to those of sodas and other sugary drinks.

This goes for unsweetened 100% fruit juice, as well as types that contain added sugar. In some cases, fruit juice is even higher in sugar and carbs than soda.

Similarly to sugar-sweetened beverages, fruit juice is loaded with fructose. Fructose drives insulin resistance, obesity, and heart disease .

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