10 Best Food Items To Control Diabetes

Food and Exercise are important part of healthy lifestyle.it become more important if u have diabetes.choosing healthy diet and being active are helpful in managing the condition.what to eat,how much to eat and what to avoid is important in maintaining normal blood glucose level.

Diet rich in green leafy vegetables,Fruits and healthy protein have significant benefit in diabetes. choosing proper diet is first priority in diabetic patients to maintain glucose and cholesterol level,to loose weight and to feel healthy and energetic.

Here are 10 food items which diabetic patients should prefer.

1) Green Vegetables :

Green vegetables are full of essential Vitamins , Minerals and does not affect blood sugar level. they have very low digestable carbs.in addition vegetables have Antioxidants which are helpful for eyes and other organs.

peoples with diabetes should include vegetables like Spinach,Kale,Cabbage,Broccoli in various forms.

2) Fatty Fish :

Fatty fish is considered as one of the healthiest food on planet.Required quantity of fat is essential for patients with diabetes who have increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

Fish are also best source of protein so the person feels full and helpful in maintaining sugar level. do not eat fried fish which contains saturated and trans fat.

Salmon,Mackerel,sardine are commonly eat.

3) Eggs :

Eggs are cheapest and great source of minerals and essential nutrients.Regular egg consumption reduce heart disease.Eggs decrease inflammation, improve insulin sensitivity, increase your HDL (good) cholesterol levels and modify the size and shape of your LDL (bad) cholesterol

The benefits of egg are due to nutrients present in egg yolk rather then protein present in egg white.

4) Nuts :

As diabetic patients are at high risk of heart diseases Nuts contain healthful fatty acids that help keep the heart healthy.handful of nuts like Almond,Walnut shout be included in breakfast.

5) Beans :

Beans are super healthy and cheap .

It is excellent food choice for diabetic patients.

Beans may help people manage their blood sugar levels because of low glycemic index. They are a complex carbohydrate, so the body digests them slower than it does other carbohydrates.

6) Citrus Fruits :

Citrus fruits like Oranges,Lemon,grapefruit are source of vitamins and minerals without carbs.some research suggest that citrus fruits have anti diabetic properties.

7) Sweet Potatoes :

Sweet potatoes are alternative of potatoes for patients of diabetes.they release sugar more slowly and does not raise blood sugar rapidly.

8) Whole Grains :

It contain high level of fibers and nutrients then refined white grains.

brown rice , millet are commonly used.

9) Garlic :

garlic have very low calories count and packed of nutrients such as Manganese ,

vitamin b6,vitamin c and fibers.

Some research shows that garlic help in improving blood glucose level and can regulate cholesterol.

10) Extra -virgin olive oil :

Extra virgin olive oil contain oleic acid that improves glycemic management.it is beneficial for heart health also.it contains antioxidents that makes it more healthy.

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